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Biofield Clearing

What Is Biofield Healing

First we need to understand what the biofield is and how it affects us.

Your biofield is information that is connected to your physical, emotional, and mental dimensions.

It is our energy blueprint that holds molecules that allows rapid communication throughout the human body.

So a practical example would be. When you walk into a room with people and you can feel someone is having a bad day before you ever get close to them. That is their biofield that is filling up the room with negative energy.

Same goes for positive energy. When you go into someone's home and it feels so good like you totally belong there. That's them filling up their home with good energy.

All our emotions from all our experiences throughout our lives stay with us in our biofields good or bad, remembered or suppressed.

When we suppress certain events and emotions, that dense energy can create illness and pain in the body.

Biofield Healing

Biofield healing and therapies are noninvasive techniques that have evolved from my personal experiences and research into energy healing.

With the use of different techniques and vibrational sound healing tools,

I interact with your energy field and information that surrounds your body.

I locate the stuck energy and together we allow the information and healing to unfold.

Each person and experience is different, so allowing spirit to be the guide for your unique process, is the key to empowering you and giving you control back over your life.

After clearing what no longer serves you,

we realign your chakras using vibrational tuning forks,

singing bowls and other sound healing instruments.

This creates balance, clarity, and healing of the physical and mental body.

You will walk away feeling lighter, clearer and more at peace!

We can all use a little more of that these days!!!

Who Can Benefit

If you feel disconnected?

When you can't find clarity?

Looking for contentment?

Needing increased energy.

Open to learning new skills to release stress.

Wanting to reduced the damage from stress.

You know you have energy blocks.

Your ready to improve quality of life.

Anyone that is ready to make changes!!!


By Appointment

Sound Healing


Earthing & Sound Experiences

Dates to be determined


15 Minute Phone Consultation


If you are interested in vibrational healing and would like more information. I would love to answer any questions you may have.

Private Session Fee


One hour session includes meditation, Biofield clearing, cord cutting and Chakra alignments with sound healing.

First session will be two hours.

Group Meditations / Sound Healing Events

Meditation and sound healing events. So if you are looking to try out different ideas or just want to meditate with others. Save your spot today. Space is limited.

BioField Practitioner

Wonda Correia

I have been following my calling for the past decade with my passion and focus being on healing the physical and emotional body. With the use of vibrational tools, tuning forks and singing bowls, I have learned how to assist you in releasing past traumas to allow healing in the physical and emotional body.

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